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Occupational Mental Health Ltd (OMH) provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for management and staff referred (usually) by their OH or HR departments. One of our Accredited Network CBPsychotherapists will conduct a two hour CBT Assessment and if deemed suitable for treatment utilizing CBT and/or EMDR, They make recommendations regarding the number and duration of sessions (usually these are in line with NICE guidelines).

CBT is an active, directive, time limited and structured clinical approach used to assess and treat a variety of psychological disorders including:


This same need spills ovcer into Consultancy and here we are able to advise on any aspect of Mental Health in the workplace.

It is so easy to take the wrong route when faced with a new risk or challenge, especially when you are busy or in the middle of change. Buying-in help from a consultant or interim manager can save you time and money and… stress.

We are able to advise on any aspect of mental health in the workplace, the impact of change, how best to communicate in difficult times and how to improve teambuilding. Whatever your need, it is likely that we can help.

Workshops, Seminars & Briefings

At OMH we develop and run evidenced based Lifestyle & Stress Management Workshops and Seminars, either In- House or at selected venues throughout the UK. As the number and range of mental health factors effecting workplace performance increases, more organisations are requesting Education and Training from qualified practitioners who can answer management questions based on practice as well as theory.

On-Site Clinics

OMH also provide clients with CBT Clinics at their own sites, Run on a regular weekly, bi-monthly or as required basis, they allow clients to be proactive referring staff showing early signs of stress, anxiety or other mental health conditions for CBT assessment and treatment at their place of work.

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